Resources for Veterans

Are you a Veteran who would like to talk to others who have shared combat? Use our Facebook to contact us and we will arrange to have you meet with a Vietnam Veteran who was in-country sometime from 1965 -1973 and will share his experiences. Take advantage of our “Vet Buddy Program” trying to help all Vets connect.


PATH Santa Barbara Homeless Shelter
Imelda Loza, Director of Programs for Veterans
(805) 884-8481

Catholic Charities in Santa Barbara
Brian Clark, Coordinator
(805) 965-7045 Ext. 106

Employment Development Department Santa Barbara
Antoinette Griffith, Veteran Employment Service Specialist
130 E. Ortega Street
(805) 568-1309

Join Up® with Veterans
Join Up International
(805) 688-3483

Rescue Mission in Santa Barbara

(805) 966-1316

Salvation Army in Santa Barbara

They have 15 beds reserved for homeless veterans
Building located on Chapala Street
(805) 962-6281

Veterans Resource Center at UCSB
Helping Veterans Navigate the College System
Contact:  Kevin Hagedorn (805) 893-4724

Veterans Service Officer for Santa Barbara Area
Contact:  Andrew Miller
(805) 681-4500


Veterans Center in Ventura
Joseph Narkevitz, Director
(805) 585-1860

Stand Down for Veterans in Ventura 
Annual Event during last weekend in July
Claire Hope, Chairperson


College Guide for Veterans
Veterans have access to monthly school funding of up to $1,500 per month and career development training. 
A comprehensive resource that veterans, active servicemembers, reservists, and military dependents or survivors can use to determine which college will provide the most support, in terms of both financial aid and student services.
This website has put together everything an active military member or vet needs to know based on their financial literacy guides.
QuitDay supports anyone's desire to quit smoking tobacco for good. This website offers resources for veterans' health and mental stability.
Healing the body after service: veterans and skin care.
Free information, resources and personal assistance to those who have been affected by mesothelioma and asbestos exposure.