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PCVF Honored at Maritime Museum Gala

By Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation


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Lisa Katnic

Hello, my name is Lisa J. McNair (Katnic). My Great Grandfather was Gen. ( US Army) Lesley James McNair. I would very much like to know the WWII Veterans who live in Santa Barbara. My Great Grandfather and his wife, Mrs.Clare Huster McNair planned to spend their retirement years in SB, specifically Hope Ranch. I believe they had purchased a home. My (Maternal) Grandmother, Mrs. Freda Elliott McNair, moved to SB with plans to raise her family with the Generals Son, Col. Douglas C. McNair. One of the reasons the McNair's chose to settle here was their mutual love and adoration for horses. They both rode as did their only Son. My Mother, Ms. Bonnie Clare McNair was born at Cottage Hospital Sept 25,1943. Sadly, her Father, Col. Douglas Crevier McNair, didn’t make it to Santa Barbara. Col McNair lost his life on Guam, Aug.06,1944, a mere 2 weeks after his Father, Gen LJ McNair was killed. Gen McNair age 61 at the time of his death his demise while on the front lines with the boys he trained for battle. He knew it boosted their moral to have him there alongside them observing battle. (Operation Cobra) at Normandy, France. This loss of doubly tragedy would be unfathomable to bear. One wonders how Mrs McNair handled such an immeasurable loss within less than a months time. Mrs McNair returned to Washington, DC where she worked for the State Department. She maintained her role as a dedicated Generals wife for the remainder of her life until 1973 when she died. She is buried alone at ArlingtonNational Cemetery. Mrs. Freda” Mimi” McNair remained in SB where she raised her daughter alone and worked at KEYT. Mrs McNair died in Apr of 1991. Her only daughter, Bonnie had returned to SB in 1980’s with her daughter, Lisa J McNair. Ms McNair died June 8, 2006 in Palm Desert. Her daughter, Lisa met and married her Husband with whom she had a daughter, Ms Hallie M. Katnic. Hallie (Executive Chef @ Peabody Charter School) met and married her husband, Zachary Ingram of GOLETA, CA. They just welcomed their first child, a Son, James Maxwell Ingram on Nov 2,,2019. All are healthy and happy in Goleta CA. My family wouldn’t be here were it not for the McNair's dream to retire here in paradise of Santa Barbara, CA.