Feb 28, 2013 at 03:19 PM

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans

By Hazel Blankenship

Join the festivities on Saturday, 30 March 2013 to Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans, 40 years later.  Adult beverages and delicious chicken and Trip Tip bar b que will be served.  There will be music and other entertainment and all Veterans and Active Duty Personnel are invited along with their family and friends.  $15 Admission with children under 12 free of charge.  "Scholarships" are available so if you can't afford it give us a call and we'll invite you anyway.  To make a reservation or apply for a scholarship call:  (805) 259-4394.  Join us in thanking all the men and women who were in the service those 10 long years from 1965 to 1975!!!

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While growing in popularity and importance to cities, towns, state houses, communities and families across the United States, the welcome home vietnam day is serving many purposes. Mainly I think it serves as a day that official America can put out the welcome home mat in a way that didn't happen during the war.

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The more common usage distinguishes between those who served in country and those who did not actually serve in vietnam by referring to the in country veterans as vietnam veterans and the others as vietnam era veterans.

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It is the best way to make more people know about your place. I was really impressed with the service given by the Vietnam Veterans and the wide varieties of dishes that they offer the visitors. Some day I would like to pay a visit to the place.

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I think veteran medicine is really good and there should be more awarness about that topic.

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Vietnam was then unified under a Communist government but remained impoverished and politically isolated. The government initiated a series of economic and political reforms which began Vietnam's path towards integration into the world economy.

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