Jul 14, 2016 at 06:06 PM

Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation Welcomes Joseph S. Hardin. Jr. to the Board

By Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation

Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation (PCVF) welcomes Joe Hardin Jr. to the Board of Directors. Mr. Hardin brings many years of leadership experience in the military, corporate America, and nonprofit organizations.

Mr. Hardin graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1967 with a Bachelor of Science Degree, and served four years in the Army to include one year in Vietnam where he was decorated multiple times for his actions during eight months as a battery commander in Tay Ninh province. After leaving the service in 1971, Mr. Hardin went on to earn an MBA from North Texas State.

After completing his MBA, Mr. Hardin spent 13 years in logistics for the Southland Corporation in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Hardin left Southland as Vice President of Logistics to join Wal-Mart in 1984. Mr. Hardin's 11 1/2 year career with Wal-Mart included executive leadership positions in logistics, retail store operations, personnel management, and SAM's Clubs. Mr. Hardin left Wal-Mart as President and Chef Executive Office of SAM's Clubs to join Kinko's in 1996. After a four year stint as President and CEO of Kinkos, Mr. Hardin retired in Santa Barbara in early 2001.

Over the years, Mr. Hardin has served on the board of directors for Dean Foods, American Greetings, PetSmart, and White Wave Foods. In addition to his corporate board work, Mr. Hardin has also served on the nonprofit boards for Direct Relief, Casa Dorinda, Students in Free Enterprise, and the Corporate Council for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, as well as the board of directors for Birnam Wood Golf Club.

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