Wings of Honor
at the Santa Barbara Airport

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Marine Tribute Proposed tribute with lighting treatment.

In November, 2010 the Santa Barbara Airport, on behalf of the Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation, issued a PUBLIC ART REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS The purpose was for artists to respond to a proposal to design artwork to honor and commemorate the men & women who served at the Santa Barbara Marine Corps Air Station during World War II.
The veterans Tribute is part of an overall Public Art Plan put together by the AIRPORT and the CITY ARTS ADVISORY COMMISSION and the VISUAL ARTS IN PUBLIC PLACES COMMITTIEE. A selection committee comprised of members of afore mentioned committees, the Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation and Airport staff evaluated the submissions and selected Douglas Lochner to create a significant and meaningful piece of art to pay tribute to the Marines.
The Tribute project is managed by the Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation which is also responsible for fundraising. No public monies will be used. After its completion, the Tribute will be gifted to the city of Santa Barbara.

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Technology and Engineering

In addition to being a somewhat novel representation for a veteran’s Tribute, the wings are an incredible feat of engineering. Each wing consists of six overlapping glass feathers, the largest of which is twenty feet tall. These are single contiguous panes of laminated glass bonded together to form a rigid self-standing cantilevered structure. The physics are incredible; by overlapping the glass, I am able to reinforce each feather while producing a curved wing shape from flat glass. To my knowledge nothing of this scale, utilizing this technique, has ever been done before. To make certain it is done right, we are working with the two top structural glass engineers in the world – having each produce their own solution to the engineering. We will then select the engineering model that best suits our needs.

The sculpture will have wonderful optical properties, bending light and shadow to create unique vistas of the airport terminal and its surroundings.  


Projects of this scope receive a great deal of scrutiny, requiring approvals from numerous government agencies. I have been working on this project for two years, navigating through numerous levels of approvals including the City & County Arts Commissions which have embraced the concept, the Architectural Board of Review and Historic Landmarks Commission have also approved it.

About the Artist
Douglas Lochner is a professional emerging artist, visionary, and conceptual engineer who since 2007 has focused exclusively on creating site specific art for public spaces. Lochner works in a wide variety of mediums, including all forms of glass (including blown, cast & kiln-formed), metal, stone, wood, software, and electronics, with a passion for interactive and kinetic works.
This is his 7th public art commission. Other works in Santa Barbara have included two sculptures for the “Art from the ashes” fund-raiser benefitting the Santa Barbara Botanic gardens, a cast glass sculpture for the new Cottage Hospital and a large stainless steel sculpture for the Cuyama Aquatic center.  His work was recently featured in the Ojai Museum’s “American Glass Works” exhibit.

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